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When your window glass gets old, they often become foggy, and at other times, chipped, cracked and they definitely need a replacement. Another indicator for a window replacement could be a hole in the glass from a stone or a baseball; this is blatant. When your window glass goes bad, you need not change the entire window, that could cost a lot and take much time which you may not have, you only require a glass replacement. For your broken glass replacement in Brampton, ON, Window and Glass Repair Brampton Inc. offer to ease your burden through a one-time broken glass replacement. Call us today.

About Us

Window and Glass Repair Brampton Inc. is a registered window and glass business operating in Brampton, ON. Our primary objectives include installation, repair, replacement, and even basic fix of all kinds of windows, these include regular windows, aluminum windows, vinyl windows even acrylic glass, to the replacement of window frames, sills, hinges and locks down to caulking sealing and capping. In the window repair business, we have been in existence for the past five years and in that time we have earned the trust of the people living in Brampton ON, by providing them with safe, sturdy, and thoroughly repaired, replaced, and even installed windows.

Because of our services, Brampton is now a safer place for homeowners, public centers, and even corporate companies. At Window and Glass Repair Brampton Inc. we believe in five core values of work that are interwoven; honesty which leads to healthy competition and then efficiency, productivity, and overall customer satisfaction. At Window and Glass Repair Brampton Inc., we have high levels of respect for our clients, and as such, we strive to make them comfortable, as well as happy with our service. Our customer relations are also the best in the city. Not only do we handle residential jobs, but we also repair car windows, office windows, public center windows, etc.

Broken Glass Replacement Services.

At Window and Glass Repair Brampton Inc., we provide a replacement on all kinds of broken glass;


Our services;

Upon receiving your call for a fix, we swing into action following these basic steps:

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We have set ourselves apart through these distinct qualities and are your best choice for broken glass replacement because;

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