Window Caulking and Sealing

The main reason you get billed extra for gas, heat, and air conditioning is that you have begun to use more. Now unless you expanded your house, or got more guests living in, you shouldn’t get worried. But if figuring out why you used that much last month is a brainer or finding out why some parts of your house are less cool or less warm than others is getting tricky, then you may just want to check if your windows need to be sealed. Leaky windows could be easy to manage short term, but in the long run, they could cause real damage to your home. Scared? You should be. What you shouldn’t do is let the fear drive you into spending incurring a lot of expenses and/ or debts by replacing your leaky windows when you can otherwise seal them. Got leaky windows in Brampton ON? Call on Window & Glass Repair Brampton Inc. today

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Why should I opt for Sealing and Caulking instead of a window replacement?

We at Window and Glass Brampton Inc., believe that sealing and caulking your windows is the best considering financial reasons and the following reasons below;


Sealing windows conserves energy. Leaking windows allow all the air conditioning and heat to escape resulting in high bills.


Fixing leaky windows prevents further damage like rust and corroding. It also prevents internal damage from the rain on furniture or rug or walls.


It is much more financially convenient than replacing the windows. After a while, replaced windows may also begin to leak also, so why not preserve the function of one through an upgrade?


It helps maintain the structure of your window by preventing shrinkage or collapsing window frames.


It ultimately adds to the value of our home. Think of it as an investment.


Mode Of Operation

Window and Glass Repair Brampton Inc. offers services on all window and glass needs including caulking and sealing. As soon as we receive your call, we respond by;

A group of handymen arrives at the client's place to assess the damage and discover where the air leaks are.

We draft a quotation for our clients, send it to them, and wait for the agreement or approval of the client.

We offer same day service deliveries and emergency fixes too.

The team of deployed handymen begins to fill out the leaks with our tools. We caulk the leaks with waterproof sealing agents and ensure the windows are airtight

We check for any other window
damage the client may have
missed in the description
and advise them

We offer a warranty for all jobs done. If any of our services develop issues before the due date, we are obliged to fix the damage free of charge. However, this doesn’t hold if the damage was caused by external forces

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